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Diversion safes are a great way to hide your valuables at home or anywhere you want to keep things from prying eyes. These clever concealers are a great reminder that the best security is obscurity. Instead of bulky wall or floor safes that are typically easy to find, these diversion safes will blend in with all of the other containers you use everyday, hiding your valuables in plain sight.

Your DIVERSION SAFE looks exactly like a real can of Campbell's Tomato Soup because it was re-manufactured from an original container. All our Diversion Safes are designed with a seamless screw-off top or bottom, to allow concealment inside the container.

These are some of the sneakiest hiding spots a robber will never find! Who would think to check ordinary household containers for hidden valuables? You will appreciate the attention to detail and superb duplication of everyday items... and thieves will never know what they missed!

Please note that the image shows an incorrect sized can. The actual tomato soup can will look like and be the same size as the Cream of Mushroom soup can.

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United States


Brilliant uncirculated